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Whether it’s walking, jogging, running or wheeling – sometimes forward motion feels good. The repetitive motion can be calming, for some. For others, walking with energy can give them something to focus on instead of the voices.

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Walking is good as it can be calming and as a way to channel energy.


Walking on my own gives me too much time to think. I need something to keep my mind busy. I find it easier to walk and talk, so I call someone on the phone or walk a friend’s dog. It’s good not to be on my own with the voices.

Rai Waddingham

When the voices get too much I focus on my feet as I walk. I feel for the rhythm they make as they hit the pavement. I hang on to that rhythm and use it as an anchor until the voices fade.

Rai Waddingham

Walking five miles a day is very helpful. I put my tongue on my teeth and I pull a big smile and this helps reduce the activity of the voice. I also put my head up, whereas the voice tries to make me put my head down.


Find out more


Find a Walking For Health group or a local ramblers association.

Learn more about the Couch to 5K scheme from the NHS.


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