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Grounding objects are things people hold or touch that they can focus on. Some people choose objects with a special meaning or memory attached to them. Others find it helpful to find objects with soothing or interesting textures.

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I carry around a small stone in my pocket for when I’m out. I find it helpful to hold it and move it between my fingers when my ‘voices’ start. When I’m at home I usually try self-soothing methods such as holding a warm toy and using a blanket.


I would also say fidget toys have helped me immensely in that they can ground me in something physical that others can see.


I hear voices all the time, so when I need to focus on meetings or other conversations I find it easier if I hold on to something. If I feel myself starting to drift, I spend a minute focusing on whatever I’m holding – a bottle of pop, a mug, a book. It works best if it has different textures, but anything will do. That minute helps me come back into the room and I can start to listen to people again.

Rai Waddingham

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