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People use music in different ways. Some find that it’s a distraction from the voices. Others use music to influence their mood –  matching it, or helping them move to a different headspace by playing different genres.

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Music has been an incredible help for me. Drowning out the noise with a better, more beautiful noise.


I use music to interrupt the voices. It doesn’t matter which.  It interrupts the conversations I’m having with the voices so it becomes messy and confusing and I’ll hear really loud music and the voices will get lower and lower.


I have playlists set up on my phone. Metal for when I need strength to help withstand the voices or walk through town when I feel worried. Upbeat music when I want to counter them. Sad music when I want to feel that someone understands me. The wrong kind of music can make my voices worse, so I’ve learnt to prepare.



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