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Creative practices – such as producing art or writing poetry and fiction – can provide a way of communicating ideas and experiences which are very difficult to describe directly. Some voice-hearers find this particularly useful, not just because it allows them to communicate their experience to others, but also because it allows them to explore and reflect on their relationship with their voices.

What this means for the individual varies from person to person. For some, creativity offers a way of making sense of what is confusing or helps create a sense of distance from experiences that are distressing and intrusive. For others, it opens up the possibility of changing how they understand their voices, and what their voices mean to them. Creativity can also help to foster an alternative or additional identity as an artist, changing how the individual views themselves and how they are viewed by others.

In what follows, we present a series of written interviews in which voice-hearing artists and writers explore and reflect on the links between voices and creativity. Thank you to those who contributed for sharing their ideas, thoughts and experiences so generously on this website.

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