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For some people, faith can be a source of deep comfort. Praying or connecting with a spiritual being can help them through times of crisis. Some people can also find spiritual meaning in their voices. Even people who don’t consider themselves religious or identify with a faith community might find repeating mantras, prayers, meditations or affirmations useful.

For more information on spiritual or religious interpretations of voice-hearing, you may wish to read the section of this website on Voices and Spirituality. 

Sometimes I just lie very still and repeat my mantra ‘you will not drown’ over and over until something changes, even if it’s hours.


I am Hindu and I find it very helpful to repeat mantra to Ma Kali in my mind, whether I am hearing voices or not.


Filter out the unwell spirits, not-yet-ancestors, and suffering beings from my body/my space/my home. Smudging or some other ritual boundary setting. Affirming protection from my ancestors.


I’m using Christianity; I find the Lords prayer and Hail Mary prayer very helpful.


I am a Christian I say a prayer in my mind and ask Jesus to help me. This works for me as I have a strong faith and belief in God.


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