Imogen is a student and artist from North Yorkshire. She publishes her art on Instagram under the name @upsidedownchronicles.

Please tell us about this piece of work. How is it linked to your experience of hearing voices?

My work is based around the character of Mouse. I class Mouse as an extension of myself and Mouse is the kindest, most motivational, of all my voices. I often incorporate my other voices into my work also, but in my art my strongest connection is Mouse.

How (if at all) does making art help you cope with or explore your voices?

Drawing is my outlet and has helped me express myself when I don’t have words to describe what I am experiencing. Through drawing I am able to communicate with the voices and put what they are saying into perspective. It also is a fantastic distraction.

What role do your voices play in the creative process? Do they inspire you or do they sometimes ‘get in the way’?

I am grateful to my voices for giving me inspiration, whether that is through them affecting me positively or negatively. On bad days one voice in particular will tell me that my art is rubbish and talk me out of doing it, but at that point I put my headphones on and try to carry on.

What’s your advice to other voice-hearers thinking of using creative activities as a means of coping with or exploring their experiences?

Just give creativity a go. Remember there are tons of ways to be creative, from cooking to sculpture. There is nothing to be lost from giving it a try, and it might really help. What’s the worst that could happen?

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