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Caring for someone who is distressed by their voices can take up a lot of time, and this can make it difficult to earn enough money. There may also be additional costs because of your caring role. Some carers also find themselves managing the individual’s money or bank account which can be complicated to set up. There are a number of benefits and discounts available to carers, but digesting all the information and navigating the system can be confusing and time consuming. The resources below contain information which might help to make this easier.

  • Mental Health and Money Advice website – This website provides information for people experiencing issues with mental health and money, and there is section on benefits for mental health carers.
  • Benefits and Work website – A campaigning and advice resource that is wholly independent, as its only revenue comes from its subscribers. There is a reduced membership fee for carers.
  • Carer’s Trust – This website contains useful resources on money and benefits for carers, including a benefits calculator.

A Carer’s Assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. You can find out more about this here.

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