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Some parents or carers can find themselves so busy and overwhelmed with their caring responsibilities that they can forget to take time for themselves.  Some people find it helpful to pursue a hobby or interest. Others describe getting involved in campaigning and educating as a helpful strategy to cope with feelings of powerlessness and a way to fight back against stigma.

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I got involved with my local NHS Trust as a volunteer in my role as a carer. I now attend monthly Triangle of Care meetings as a Carer/Advisor along with mental health staff. I have become a co-trainer delivering Triangle of Care training to all staff, including doctors and consultants, on how important carers can be in the recovery of service users and how important it is for the carers to receive proper support and be listened to.

I feel as if I am making a real difference and making things better for other carers. I have learnt such a lot and my relationship with my son has vastly improved.


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