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Whether someone has supportive professionals, friends or family – talking with people who have tried to reduce their use of medication can be really helpful. Some areas have ‘thinking about medication’ groups. Others have ‘Hearing Voices’ or ‘Unusual Belief’ groups where people should be open to talking about their experiences of medication and withdrawal.

The following first-person accounts may be useful:

Anti-psychotic reduction – 7 month update

An honest series of videos charting a man’s experiences of reducing his dose of Olanzapine from 20mg to 8.5mg across a long period of time.

Let's Talk Withdrawal Podcasts

Podcasts hosted by James, a man who has experience of withdrawal from antidepressants. His site also includes a link to a Facebook support grou

The Withdrawal Project from Inner Compass

A peer-led resource created by people who have withdrawn from various psychiatric medications. Including coping resources and guidance.

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