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Welcome to the prototype of Understanding Voices (UV) – a new website that will make it easier for people to find information about different approaches to voice-hearing and ways of supporting those who are struggling with the voices they hear.

We are delighted that you are interested in providing feedback on the website we have built so far. Once you’ve had a chance to explore the different pages and sections, please fill in our online survey which is available here. The survey allows you to save your responses, so you are welcome to dip in and out of it as often as you like.

It’s fine to show the prototype to family members and friends, but please don’t give the password to anyone or share the website on social media.

Please scroll down now or use the menu bar to explore the website. And for those of you who are joining us at our workshops, we look forward to seeing you in either London or Durham!


Understanding Voices has three core sections:

Exploring Voices
A range of different ways of understanding or making sense of voices, including psychological, neuroscientific, historical, literary and spiritual approaches to the topic.

Living with Voices
Comprehensive practical information and coping strategies based on peoples everyday experience of living with voices.

Working with Voices
Information about different therapeutic options for dealing with distressing voices, including psychopharmacology and ‘talking therapies’.

Click on the images below to explore some of the topics in each section. The final website will contain many more topics than this – we’ve just included a few in the prototype as a way of getting started.

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